the story

the team


an intro


There is a sudden loud thud that makes the doggy pause and look up. Another loud thud, and the doggy takes an interest, ears cocked and licking its lips.

Mel parks his car. As he gets out, over on the side, Mel sees Clyde and Cody hovering around their junk car drinking beer and spitting tobacco juice.

Earlene listens, intently, to the tornado warning.

Mel walks in carrying Odessa’s dead doggy in a bag.

She tries to get the panties out of the doggy’s mouth, there is a tug of war.


Mel and the Barista leave the coffee house toilet together, Mel with a very sour expression on his face.

"Mel Hutto, I have not seen a male-penis in quite some time..."

"Thank you Mel Hutto!"

"That man is trying to kill you, Mel Hutto."

Palmerworm readies himself to make another attempt on Mel Hutto's life.